Guide for using the Guide

April 2020



In this section we offer a brief introduction to the use of the guide: We remind you that Medical Biomagnetism does not replace the consultation of a health professional, but it can be of great help in the reestablishment of the energy balance of the human organism (and other species).
This guide is designed for those who have attended at least the First Course of Medical Biomagnetism. However, even without knowing the system thoroughly you can use the guide based on the symptoms or conditions you want to treat, for which we have created a list of the main diseases that can be treated with Medical Biomagnetism.
Biomagnetism professionals know the importance of performing a full scan to achieve a good diagnosis which we now offer a list with more than 330 scanning spots, following the different areas of the body.

New Sanning protocol by body zones:

The new tracking list is divided by body zones: head, neck, arms, torso, back, legs and other spots. In this way you can perform a scanning of the main points known to date. Each of the 337 spots shows a list of the different pairs related.

Bioenergetic Scan:

If you manage bioenergetic (mental) scanning, you may find the division by zones that we present in this guide useful. Or even you can make a differentiated tracking by types of pairs as appropriate: special, dysfunctional, psycho-emotional, reservoirs or pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites following your classified lists.

Topics layout:

Each theme corresponds to a pathogen, energy or psycho-emotional disorder that can be treated through biomagnetism. The most relevant information will be found at the beginning of the text. If you want to delve into the subject you can check the information by pressing the button: (only available in the offline Guide).

Currently only one condition can correspond to one, two or more pairs, you can see the main pairs corresponding to the subject with graphs that show the points with anatomical references of the organs or systems that are being treated.
Note: in the graphs the negative point is shown in black, which indicates that this is the polarity of the magnet that is directed towards the body. The same in the positive pole (red).


We show a list of the abbreviations used in this guide:

(bi) bilateral The spot is found on both sides of the body
(L) left Left side of the body
(R) right Right side of the body
(ss) same side Same side of the body
(cs) counter side On the other side of the body
(-) negative Negative pole (black side of the magnet)
(+) positive Positive pole (red side of the magnet)
new Recently added pair






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