Pairs classification

1. Regular pairs, caused by pathogens:

2. Non pathogenic pairs:

  1. Reservoirs
  2. Psychoemotional
  3. Special
  4. Dysfunctional

The Basic pairs list contains the 352 pairs originally discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán.

In addition to these classified lists, we have a list that contains more than Thousand Pair : which includes those that have been added by other biomagnetists, not necessarily discovered by the Dr. Goiz, we recommend this list for therapists with more experience and who already handle the Second Level or Bioenergetic (mental) of the biomagnetism.


How Biomagnetic pairs are classified

In principle, biomagnetism is a system that helps to reestablish health through the balance of the pH of different areas of the body. The first pairs discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán correspond to infections caused by various agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites . Those who have attended Dr. Goiz's courses will understand in more detail how magnetic fields help control pathogenic organisms.

Over time, various pairs began to be found that were no longer due to the presence of pathogenic organisms, for example the Goiz pair, which has to do with an energy imbalance. These types of pairs were called Specials . Later, pairs arose due to dysfunction of glands or organs, and some time later a large number of pairs were added to the list that allow balancing disorders. psychoemotional . So now we have the following pair classification:

Pair Description:

R = Reservoirs , they are pairs where the information on various pathogens. Once impacted, pathogens manifest in corresponding pairs. Therefore, if a reservoir is found, the scan will have to be repeated to locate the pathogens that were "hidden" in the reservoir.

Ps = Pisco-emotional pairs , respond to psychic alterations that they manifest themselves on the mental-emotional plane. It is suggested that emotional ailments are accompanied by other techniques such as Bach Flowers, Decoding of emotions, Psychotherapy (to name a few).

E = Special Pairs . They are pairs that can affect one or more planes: physical, emotional or mental. They are mostly not associated with pathogens, rather they are bioenergetic in nature.

D = Dysfunctional pairs . They are established when an organ or gland presents some degree of dysfunction. They can be caused by various factors from infections, energetic disturbances, to psycho-emotional disturbances.



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