What's new in BMG 7.0


Our greatest motivation are all those people who use the BMG 7.0 as a daily work tool. The trust they have placed in us leads us to strive to provide a better product by improving every aspect.

  • Constellations, consist of a series of Complexes (sets of magnets) that allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the Biomagnetic Pair, carrying out a brief session.
  • Holograms are combinations of biomagnetic pairs that balance the various planes or bodies that make up the human being, providing deep healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Basic session guide presents a check-list for conducting a medical biomagnetism session, according to the techniques taught by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran at the basic level.
  • Advanced session guide presents a check-list for conducting a bioenergetics session based on the experience of various therapists and using the various resources available in the Biomagnetism Guide

What's new in BMG 7-betha

The new version BMG 7-betha presents a new design whose objective is practicality and ease of use; without neglecting aesthetics.

  • New sliding menu that is activated on small devices (screen width less than 820 pixels)
  • Larger buttons for ease of use, especially on touch screens.
  • The new design of the protocols by zones allows you to see the location of the points and show the corresponding pairs with each point with a click.
  • The new anatomical charts have also been developed by our group of artists and designers taking clarity and aesthetics into consideration.

The greatest value of the BMG is in its contents, which is why we continue to review and update the more than 600 articles to provide the most complete information in a precise, concise and reliable manner.

We hope you like the changes in this new 7-betha version. We will gladly receive your comments in our email atencion.gmbm@gmail.com. Your comments will allow us to correct or improve any aspect for the next version 7.0 Wait for it!

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