Type: Multiple causes


epiglottis - epiglottis or nose




It is the temporary suspension of the normal respiratory rhythm. In babies and children it becomes more frequent, but this does not stop being a serious disorder. This additional pair can help to free the airways and reduce snoring. It is also convenient to check the adenovirus pair.

There are many types:

  • Obstructive apnea, caused by obstruction of the respiratory tract. It may be due to infectious agents of the throat and respiratory tract. To the relaxation of the musculature by medical intervention. It can also be due to the morphological conformation of the jaw, trachea, tongue, etc.
  • Central apnea is due to the lack of signals to the respiratory system, by the Central Nervous System; can be caused by infectious agents such as: Newcastle, Other factors that can affect the nervous system are metabolic type: hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, acidosis and hyperbilirubinemia.
  • The Mixed distress is a mixture of the previous two.

Sleep apnea occurs while the person is asleep, often accompanied by snoring, is a disorder that can compromise the oxygenation of the brain. It can be obstructive, central or mixed.

Some of the causes can be: obesity, since the person does not rest wakes up feeling tired, somnolent during the day (they can suffer accidents), irritable, headache, lack of memory, coordination, concentration, even depression. In severe cases there may be swelling of the legs.

Biomagnetism can treat it when it is caused by infectious or dysfunctional agents. The bioenergetic scan may give more clues about the cause of the disease and possible solutions. Sometimes sleeping on your side instead of on your back to reduce the disorder is enough. In some cases surgery may be required.


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