Type: Special


heart - rib (bi)



Test the pair in case of suffocation due to a condition that compromises oxygenation levels. It can also be caused by anaphylactic shock


In case of choking by objects apply mechanical methods such as the Heimlich maneuver.

How to know if there is a total obstruction of the respiratory tract?

  • The person is not able to emit any sound.
  • Shows gestures and movements of anguish
  • The person begins to present a bluish coloration of the skin
  • The person can lose consciousness

In such case act quickly, do not put your hand in the throat to try to extract the object if it is not visible. If it is less than one year old, you can load the baby on your forearm in a stable position, if the object does not come out spontaneously, try hitting between the shoulder blades. If necessary, give mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-nose breathing. In older children and adults do the Heimlich maneuver: Stand behind the subject hold one hand and cover with the other. Push quickly and briskly with both hands below the sternum to raise the Diaphragm. Repeat the operation until the object is thrown.


Call an emergency medical assistance unit. If the person is able to make a sound or whistle, proceed with more caution since you have more time to make decisions.

  • If the object that obstructs the throat is visible and loose, try to extract it manually, otherwise I did not try to move it as this may aggravate the situation.
  • If the person coughs, letting him cough naturally may expel the object.
  • If the person has enough ventilation, go to a medical assistance unit to have the object removed.

Choking by objects is more common in children, who often carry candies or other objects in their mouths. In adults it is less frequent and more frequently occurs when eating food.

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