Bansal´s techniques

Type: Special


1. palm - palm

2. sole - sole

3. palm (R) - sole (R)

4. palm (L) - sole (L)

5. palm (R) - sole (L)

5. palm (L) - sole (R)



The Bansal´s Techniques are part of magnetotherapy , therefore they are not within the protocols of the biomagnetic pair. The therapist can apply them under his own criteria and experience. E Dr. H. L. Bansal was the pioneer of magnetotherapy in India and the creator of these techniques
1. The application of the negative pair in the right hand and positive in the left serves to balance the energy of the upper part of the body (from the navel upwards), which is why it can help to treat any ailment or disorder in this area of the body, such as headaches, respiratory system disorders, etc.
2. Placing the magnets on the soles of the feet balances the energy of the lower body: lower abdomen, hips, lower extremities. So it will help the organs or any disorder present in this area: eg: urinary tract infections, cramps, poor circulation in the legs, etc.
If you only want to balance one hemibody, either the right or the left, place the negative magnet on the hand and the positive magnet on the foot on the same side (ipsilateral).
3. On the right side for diseases in the right hemibody organs such as liver disorders.
4. On the left side in case of left hemibody conditions such as problems with the spleen or pancreas.
Techniques 3 and 4 can be used in case the symptoms of any disease are lateralized, such as hemiplegia, poliomyelitis, peripheral nervous system conditions ...
5. The crossed pair: palm (right) negative - plant (left) positive or inverted, serves to balance the whole organism, invigorating and reducing stress. Useful to treat disorders of the digestive system.
Bansal Techniques stimulate the lymph nodes of the lymphatic system helping to eliminate toxins. Although they can also be understood as a means of balancing the energy body through the secondary chakras found on the palms and soles of the feet. The above techniques can be complemented by placing a negative magnet between the eyebrows.
It is recommended to carry out this treatment two or three times a week. The application time can vary, from 10 to 30 minutes.
Dr. Bansal's techniques are not a substitute for full biomagnetic pair scanning

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