Type: Bacterium

countercecum - countercecum

countercecum - kidney (L)

larynx - larynx

clavicle (med) - maxila

head of pancreas - pancreas

appendix - femur (head)

descending colon - rectum



Problems of the digestive tract, diarrhea, mucus and phlegm, explosive intestinal gases. In women, whitish vaginal discharge, bladder cancer and vaginal cancer.
Main cause of necrosis of the femur head (usually left), and much of the vascular diseases of the lower extremities such as varicose veins.

When the pair is located in the larynx, the most common symptoms are laryngeal, hoarseness, whooping cough, in the acute stage it forms a hard tissue in the trachea, it is very aggressive. It is found in the Pentavalent vaccine.

The pair also helps balance the pH of the throat.


Airway from person to person (not present in animals)

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