Type: Virus


eye - eye

cervical plexus- cervical plexus*

huasteca - huasteca



The virus attacks the spinal cord, and produces true Multiple or Lateral Sclerosis
It is curable until there is no spinal cord damage.
False Sclerosis when a bacterium oppresses the spinal cord.

Symtoms: Eye problems: Discomfort in the retina, Chorioretinitis (deformation of the retina). Liver and Torch infection. Mental retardation in the fetus (during pregnancy). Impact pairs: TIBIA Y URETHRA

Multiple Sclerosis:

It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the nervous system causing damage to the myelin sheaths that line the nerves. As a result, they do not transmit nerve impulses correctly or stop transmitting them.

Multiple Flase Sclerosis

For Multiple False Sclerosis apply the pair: cervical plexus =. Also check meningococcal pairs.

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