Detox basic

Type: Special


Liver - Liver

Kidney - Kidney (double polarity)

Other pairs:

appendix - thymus

larynx - larynx

supraspinatus - supraspinatus (double polarity)

hip - hip (double polarity)

testicle - testicle

ray bulb - lumbar 3 and 4


Basic pairs

The basic Detox protocol has been presented by Dr. David Goiz Martinez. Its goal is to help detoxify the body by stimulating organs such as the liver and kidneys. Dr. David Goiz indicates that more than 80% of the patients who arrive at his office require this protocol, for which he suggests applying it for 15-20 minutes as soon as the person arrives at the office and then proceed with the testing and application of other pairs.
To obtain better results, after 15-20 minutes the polarity of all the magnets can be reversed.

Other pairs

Several pairs can be added, preferably asking for bioenergetics if they serve the person at that moment.
- Appendix - thymus for the immune system, or thymus - rectum.
- Larynx = and supraspinatus = for respiratory problems.
- Hip= and testicle = for lower abdominal disorders.
- Medulla oblongata - lumbar 3 and 4 to regulate blood pressure, especially if the person suffers from arterial hypotension.

Note: All pairs are applied simultaneously.

It can also be useful to apply the pairs: nape - sacrum, the Pair Fuduric, or the Dr. Bansal's techniques (ask by bioenergetics).

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