Erectile dysfunction

Type: Dysfunction


thymus - penis

corpus cavernous - corpus cavernous*

esophageal hiatus - testicle


* Note: It can answer as penis - penis


Sperm production: Special pair esophageal hiatus - testicle helps to increase the sperm production.

Erectile Dysfunction: The inability to maintain an erection the time necessary to carry out the sexual act in a satisfactory manner; or, an unsteady erection. It may be due to psychological causes, physical causes, or a combination of both. As for the physical causes, it is important the correct functioning of the nervous system, as well as the correct blood supply. The main pairs of pathogens associated with this condition are: testicle-testicle, ascending colon -kidney and pudendal-pudendal.

These special pairs can also be useful: atlas-atlas, sternum-adrenal, prostate- prostate and pineal-prostate

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