Type: Special


parietal - kidney (cs)

temporal  - kidney (cs)

ear - kidney (cs)



Energetic unballance that affects several systems: Central nervous system, pulmonary bronchial system, renal system; moreover, when it makes resonance with the parotid gland or the parathyroid gland, most of the cases of asthmatic bronchitis and even of  asthma obey this biomagnetic pair and the chronicity of these syndromes.

In this case, when starting to check the patient his body presents a shortening of one of the legs which does not obey mechanical or anatomical issues. This is corrected by placing the positive pole of the magnet in the kidney. Then procede to locate the negative point (-) that makes resonance -- could be: ear, temporal or parietal on the counterside of the body . Proceed to impact the pair as any other in order to achieve energetic balance.

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