Type: Virus


douglas bag - femoral vein

quilo cistern - quilo cistern

thoracic 12 - lumbar 1

iliac crest - quadriceps

sacral iliac joint- sacral iliac j.



RNA virus. It affects the entire pelvic cavity. It causes ovarian cyst, inflammations in the right pelvis or in intestinal ganglia. Appendicitis . Cause of Gastroenteritis or Appendicitis. Associated with fungi or bacteria can be deadly. Associated with Pneumosystis carinii (condral) severely damages the lung.

The name is received from Norwalk County, Ohio, E.E.U.U. where in 1968 there was an outbreak in a school causing several cases of gastroenteritis in children. It is also known (erroneously), as Norovirus. For allopathy this virus does not represent a great risk. Common sympthoms are vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, mild fever; infection usually subsides in about 2 or 3 days.


It is spread by water or contaminated food (especially seafood) or by contact with feces or vomit of the patient. The virus survives in the environment on surfaces, dishes, hands, clothes, etc. Possible contagion by air when being near the vomit of the patient.

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