Rabies virus

Type: Virus


armpit - armpit

chin - chin

peripancreatic - peripancreatic

urethral sphincter - urethral sphincter

bite - armpit*


* Reservoir


RNA virus. Laryngeal symptomatology, chronic otitis, chronic sinusitis, bronchial asthma, CNS problems, photophobia, character alteration (irritability, aggression). In children other common symptoms are: nervousness, rhinitis, maculopathies, disorders in: thyroid, parathyroid, parotid, thymus, breasts, stooping the spine, digestive disorders.

The pair: urethral sphincter - urethral sphincter cooresponde to type III rabies virus that has been identified by biomagnetism as a consequence of zoophilic practices.


In general, the virus is transmitted from mammals to humans, mainly through pets such as dogs, cats, rodents (very common in children). Less frequently, it is due to being accidentally bitten or scratched by one of these animals. In case the pet is the transmitter of the virus, it is very likely that the person will become infected again. It is recommended to treat the pet (some biomagnetists are willing to do this job). Discard the toothbrush and rake.

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