Sexual disorders

Type: Multiple causes


coccyx - coccyx *


* Pair that helps in general for any sexual disorder


In this group we include a series of alterations that can affect the functioning of the sexual organs. They can be caused by dysfunctions, by psycho-emotional alterations or by multiple pátogens agents; The latter can be transmitted either by sexual contact, or by other forms of contagion.

They may be asymptomatic or manifest themselves in the form of rashes, irritation, warts. Or affect sexual functioning: altering the production of hormones, sperm, etcetera.


Sexually transmitted diseases:

Different sexually transmitted pathogens can cause disorders such as sexual organ dysfunction, inflammation, infertility, azospermia, and so on. Biomagnetism can treat most of these infections:

Diseases caused by other pathogens

Some of the disorders that can cause the different pathogens are itching, pruritus, irritation, vaginitis, fetid vaginal discharge, dryness, inflammation, infertility.
Check each one.

Bacteria: Proteus Mirabilis, Spirochaetes, Gardenerella vaginalis,

Virus: Paramyxovirus, VIH 3, Parotiditis, Parvovirus,

Parasites: Trichomonas

Disorders in women:

Ovarian dysfunction: irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, polycystic ovary

Endometriosis: growth of the endomeytrial tissue outside the uterus.

Endometritis. Inflammation of the endometrium that can be caused by various bacteria such asl Mycoplasma hominis, E-Coli, etc. It is more frequent to occur after a difficult birth, a cesarean or an abortion.

Female sterility: can be caused by several factors (see article)
 Tubes Abscess: pus in the tube, check Hepatitis D.

Cervico-uterine cancer: check Cancer and Human Papilloma Virus.

Disorders in man:

Azoospermia: reduction in sperm count that compromises male fertility. check: Yersinia pestis

Premature ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction
Sexually transmitted diseases STD and / or various pathogens such as HTLV-1 virus, HIV-3, Guillain Barre, among others. Also see: diabetes. Hepatitis D

Check pair: corpus cavernosum - corpus cavernosum (on the sides of the penis)

Male infertility, can be caused by several factors (see article)

Prostatitis.inflammation of the prostate making urination and sexual intercourse difficult. It can be caused by several pathogens, the most important ones: Gardenerella,

Psychoemotional sexual disorders

Those that are related to pathologies or alterations of the psyche, many of them treated with biomagnetic pairs.

Frigidity, lack of sexual desire: Juana

Lust, exacerbated sexual desire (in male or female): Sade

Oedipus complex, complex, fixation with the mother by the male. Saturnino

Electra complex: fixation with the father, by the woman. Trini

Vaginismus. it is the involuntary constriction of the vagina at the moment of intercourse that hinders or impedes penetration. It's due to fears like getting pregnant, getting sick, etc; in the absence of information or erroneous information about sex; or to traumatic experiences such as sexual abuse. The pair for this disorder has not yet been found.

Check Pineal - Pineal: vitiligo

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