Type: Fungus

cava - cava

1st. rib - 1st. rib

toe - toe

unguis - kidney

7th rib - 7th rib



One of the main causes of Onychomycosis. It is a type of fungus that infects different parts of the body such as scalp, nails, skin (areas with beautiful), armpits, English, between the toes, soles of the feet. Cause Athlete's foot or nail fungus. bad smell of feet. Problems in face, neck and nose. Tinea capitis in children, which in many cases is transmitted by pets or closeness to animals (check them).

The sweat, humidity and warm temperature of certain parts of the body such as armpits and feet allow the proliferation of this fungus.


Very common the transmission by walking barefoot in humid places like swimming pools, gyms, bathrooms ... There are several types of this fungus that proliferate in animals and humans.

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