Ureaplasma urealyticum

Type: Bacterium


lumbar 3 - chondral (R)

gluteus - sacrum



It is a bacterium of the genus: Ureaplasma species: urealyticum. It is found in 70% of the sexually active population without causing pathology in most cases. In a small percentage it causes diseases such as urethritis, infertility, pneumonia, meningitis, tiredness, weakness. In women it can cause: vaginitis, chorioamnionitis (infection of the amniotic fluid), abortion, premature birth; in man: epididymitis (infection of the seminal ducts), prostatitis. Given its low pathogenicity, it is suspected that it may be accompanied by other bacteria or pathogens. It lacks a cell membrane so penicillin does not affect it.


It is a very contagious bacterium that can be transmitted through sexual contact, through the blood (transfusion, use of syringes, etc.), through saliva or even through the air. Since the majority does not cause symptoms, it is easy to transmit it inadvertently.


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