Type: Multiple causes


cervical - uterus*


It could present with the polarity inverted: uterus - atlas.


Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina or vulva (external part of the female sexual organs). Do not confuse with vaginismus, which is rather a psychological disorder.

In most cases, vaginitis is due to infection that can cover a wide range of pathogens. Changes in the medium can alter the bacterial flora causing various discomforts such as inflammation, vaginal discharge with bad smell, burning, itching, among others. It is more frequent in women of reproductive age and sexually active.


The main causes can be:

  • Use of antibiotics
  • Intrauterine device
  • Some chemical substances used in the area (soaps, deodorants, lubricants, etc.)
  • Sex with a new partner without protection
  • Have several sexual partners.
  • Hormonal changes (estrogen deficiency)
  • Infections:

There are a large number of pathogens that can generate this condition so the biomagnetist should make an exhaustive scanning. The most common are multiple bacteria such as Ureaplasma U; virus: Papilloma, fungus: Candida, parasite: Trichomonas.

The biomagnetists could ask by bioenergetics if there are other factors besides the pathogens that may cause the condition. In this case recommend, avoid the use of certain products, have sex using a condom, wear cotton clothing that is not tight.

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