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This guide has been created in recognition of the work of Dr. Isaac Goiz DurĂ¡n, father of medical biomagnetism. The "Biomagnetic Pair" internet version is freely accessible. The information set forth herein and the use that is given is the responsibility of each user. All the content of this Guide is protected by the copyright laws. Discretion and criteria in its use are recommended. The application of medical biomagnetism does not replace medical treatments or the intervention of a health professional (s).


Vaccines effects and biomagnetism

Since the beginning of the year, vaccination began in several countries to combat the Covid-19 disease. Currently there are several vaccines that are being applied from different laboratories and countries such as the United States, Germany, China, Russia, India.
In this article we present the possible side effects that vaccines may cause and how to help prevent or reduce them by applying the biomagnetic pair. (read more)