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Constellations are sets of magnets that are placed in specific places to achieve important results without the need to do a full test, which is why it is also called Rapid Biomagnetism Program. Therefore, they are not part of the classic method taught by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, who was based on applying the complete protocol.
Constellations have several advantages, one of the most important is saving time in testing. The results have already been verified through several years of its application. In addition, they can be complementary to a complete test or with some other type of therapy such as massage, reiki, homeopathy, etc.
It is not recommended in case of serious, chronic degenerative diseases, cancer, etc.; cases in which it is essential to follow the complete protocol (testing).


It is essential to handle the advanced level of biomagnetism, in principle to ask about bioenergetics if it is necessary to apply any constellation in particular, or several of them.
At least 8 pairs of neodymium magnets are required; as always, they must be lined. The required range is between 3,800 to 4,000 Gauss. Therefore, the ideal is to use 3,900 Gauss magnets.

Constellations consist of the following sets of points called complexes:

Complex A

8 Pairs:

jaw - jaw

supraspinatus - supraspinatus

diaphragm - diaphragm

radius - radius

inguinal nerve - inguinal nerve

kidney kidney

gluteus - gluteus

sole - sole

Complex A is usually applied in the first treatment session; but if you handle bioenergetics it is better to ask if the person requires it.
Complex A is useful in cases of:

For the application of any of these complexes it is recommended to have at least completed the first level of biomagnetism and preferably handle the advanced level to be able to ask for a testing method and the specific way to apply them to each person. Being able to confirm application time, polarity of the magnets, positions, etc.


  • Do not apply if the person has metallic objects in the body such as prostheses, valves, nails, etc.
  • Do not approach less than 50 cms. From pacemakers or electronic devices
  • Do not apply to the heart
  • Do not apply to pregnant women, particularly in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Do not apply to people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, unless at least 2 months have passed since their last treatment.
  • Do not apply biomagnetism in emergency cases. Apply first aid and call emergency services (*911)
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