In version 7.0 we present new treatment tools and new protocols that you can apply complementary to classic biomagnetism.

  • Basic session guide presents a road map (check-list) to carry out a medical biomagnetism session, according to the techniques taught by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran at the basic level.
  • Constellations, consist of a series of Complexes (sets of magnets) that allow you to take advantage of the benefits of the Biomagnetic Pair, carrying out a brief session.
  • Advanced Session Guide presents a check-list for conducting a bioenergetics session, designed based on experience from various therapists and using the various resources available in the Biomagnetism Guide
  • Holograms are combinations of biomagnetic pairs that balance the various planes or bodies that make up the human being, providing deep healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Advanced level is required to use these resources effectively.

These new materials are in addition to the Scanning Protocols. that we have been presenting in the latest versions, as well as other additional resources such as the pendulum tables by Arq. Fuduric or the primer for working with emotions by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

The Testing Protocols that we present in this section are a great tool since they contain sequences of points that you can track according to the condition of the patient and the type of session that you carry out, either of basic level or with Bioenergetics.

We also present a series of additional resources such as the pendulum tables of Dr. Fuduric or the Emotion code chart developed by Dr. Bradley



  • Basic* t is the most suitable for those who just begin to practice biomagnetism, it can be done by tracking each point by a magnet (does not include emotional pairs).
  • Complete It is a sequence of more than 300 points and a thousand pairs that have been discovered by Dr. Goiz and other biomagnetists in different countries. It includes all kinds of pairs.
  • Advanced This protocol is not carried out with magnets; instead, it requires bioenergetics; It allows to detect problems such as: abnormal formations, tissue disorders, circulatory disorders, reaction to substances, psycho-emotional disorders, balance of chakras and genetic problems.

Additional resources

The printed material presented below will be of great help in various treatment protocols. Additional resources are not an integral part of the system developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, however they have been very useful for many biomagnetists.

Printed materials:

Printed lists may be more convenient for some people to use, or they may also provide a better response when the session is conducted with bioenergetics.

The protocols we present and other resources are available to biomagnetists and the use is at their own discretion and responsibility.

* Based on the basic points described by Dr. Goiz in "The Biomagnetic Pair" p.p. 51-54, Mexico 1995.

** To download these materials an internet connection is required and you can only download each one per user. The system will ask for your username and password.

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