Scanning Points location
Scanning Points Location
Head see image
1 Pineal (gland) Highest point of skull
2 Hypophysis (gland) Center of the forehead
3 Supraciliary Center, above the eyebrows
4 Interciliary Between the eyebrows
5 Frontal Sinus Above each eyebrow (bilateral)
6 Eyebrow (bi)
7 Eye (bi)
8 Eyelid Above the eye(bi)
9 Lacrimal (gland) Internal corner of the eye (bi)
10 Corner of the eye External corner of the eye (bi)
11 Orbital Floor Below the inferior eyelid (bi)
12 Nasal septum Between the eyes. (bi)
13 Nose Close to nose fins (bi)
14 Nasal Sinus To the sides of the nose (bi)
15 Cheekbone Great zygomatic bone (bi)
16 Malar Maxila (bi)
17 Teeth Check all the teeth zone.
18 Commissure Labial commissure (bi)
19 Parietal Upper sides of the skull (bi).
20 Willis Popligone Between Temporal and Parietal (bi)
21 Hypothalamus Between Parietal and Occipital (bi)
22 Temporal bone Sides of the skull (bi)
23 Temple Besides eyebrows
24 Chiasma, (optic) Halfway beetwen the eye and ear (bi)
25 Polo "Horns of Moses" (bi)
26 Fore-horn Above the Polo point (bi)
27 Silvio fissure Behind the ears (bi)
28 Medium fissure In front of prepineal point
29 Prepineal In front of pineal point
30 Postpineal Behind pineal point
31 Preauricular In front of the ear (bi)
32 Ear On the ear canal (bi)
33 Pinna or Ear flap

Arch of the ear (bi)

34 Mandibular ramus Side of the jaw (bi)
35 Jaw Beneath and at the sides of the jaw (3 points)
36 Tongue On the cheek (check both sides)
37 Angle Jaw angle (bi)
38 Mastoid Mastoid process (bi)
39 Huastecas

Between Mastoid and ear (bi)

40 Basal Nuclei Back and upper head
41 Cerebellum Back of the head
42 Ray Bulb Beneath Cerebellum
43 Occipital (bone) Skull, back and downwards (bi)
44 Nape Back of the neck
Neck see image
45 Thyroid (gland) Middle front of the neck
46 Larynx Above and beneath Thyroid
47 Parathyroids (gland) Both sides of Thyroid (bi)
48 Parotid (gland) Under the jaw (bi)
49 Angina In between neck and jaw (bi)
50 Carotid At both sides of larynx (bi)
51 Vagus nerve Both sides of larynx (bi)
52 Sternocleidomastoid Muscle connecting clavicle and head (bi)
53 Neck Sides of 7th cervical vertebrae (bi)
54 Cervical Plexus In between neck and trapezius (bi)
55 Garganta hollow Between clavicles
56 Atlas First cervical vertebrae, beneath head
57 Cervical (vertebrae) Check individually
Arms see image (all points are bilateral)
58 Deltoid Muscle forming the shoulder
59 Humerus Behind the arm
60 Brachial Near the bend of the elbow
61 Burs Inner side of the arm
62 Elbow  
63 Radius In the Forearm, bone that goes to the thumb
64 Ulna In the forearm, bone that goes to the little finger
65 Wrist  
66 Wrist (up) On the arm, near the wrist
67 Palm the palm of the hand
68 Back of the hand  
69 Index finger On the fingerprint
Front Torso see image
70 Mediastinum (upper) Upper sternum
71 Thymus Center of sternum
72 Mediastinum (lower) Lower sternum
73 Hiatus Corner of sternum
74 Epigastrium Both sides of the tip of the sternum (bi)
75 Esophagus


76 Carina Above the breast (bi)
77 Subclavian Under clavicle (bi)
78 Sternum handle Upper end of sternum (bi)
79 Epiclavian Above clavicles (bi)
80 Supraspinatus On the shoulder, trapezius (bi)
81 Pericardium Heart area
82 Coronary (arteries) Heart area
83 First rib Below clavicle (bi)
84 Chondral Lower ribs joint to sternum (bi)
85 Diaphragm Rim of the rib cage (bi)
86 Subdiaphragm Below diaphragm (bi)
87 Cardiac Below sternum
88 Stomach Between rib cage and navel
89 Pancreatic head Below stomach
90 Pancreatic body Center of pancreas
91 Pancreatic tail Pancreas border (left side)
92 Pancreatic ligament Over pancreas
93 Peripancreatic Below pancreas
94 Spleen Left side of ribcage
95 Liver Upper right side of abdomen
96 Liver ligament Close to Gallblader
97 Gallblader Beneath Liver
98 Perihepatic Lower corner of Liver
99 Pylorus Right to the stomach
100 Duodenum Below Pylorus
101 Ascending Colon Right side of belly
102 Cecum Lower end of ascending colon
103 Appendix Below Cecum
104 Iliocecal valve (joint) Connecting small intestine and Colon
105 Transverse Colon Upper center of belly
106 Desending Colon Left side of belly
107 Anterosuperior iliac crest On upper border of iliac crest
108 Contracecum Opposite side of Cecum
109 Sigmoid Colon Ending of Colon
110 Navel
111 Omentum Sides of navel (bi)
112 Ureter lines at both sides of navel
113 Bladder Over Pubis (ower belly)
114 Suprapubic Upper border of Pubis
115 Peritoneum Any point on belly
116 Inguinal nerve On the fold of the leg (bi)
117 Pecticneus On the fold of the leg, close to groin (bi)
118 Testicle (bi)
119 Cavernous body Sides of the penis
120 Deferent duct Over testicles (bi)
121 Urethra Penis (man) clítoris (woman)
Back torso see image (all points are bilateral)
122 Armpit (bilateral)
123 Infraaxillary Below armpit
124 Pleura Side of the ribcage
125 Flank Side of the waist
126 Cava (vein) Between left scapula and spine
127 Scapula (bi)
128 Scarpa triangle Lower tip of scapula (bi)
129 Latissimus Muscle below scapula (bi)
130 Liver back lobe Right side on the back
131 Retrohepatic Below Liver back lobe
132 Adrenal (glands) Point between adrenal glands (9th thoracic)
133 Renal capsule Over each kidney (bi)
134 Kidney Back at the waist (bi)
135 Renal limb Below each kidney (bi)
136 Lumbar square muscle Back muscle (bi)
137 Interiliac Upper border of pelvis at the back (bi)
138 Iliac Border of pelvis at the sides (bi)
139 Sacrum Between Gluteus
140 Gluteus maximus Scann all the muscle (bi)
141 Anex Above Rectum
142 Rectum Between Gluteus (lower)
143 Anus Below coccyx
144 Coccyx Tip of the spine
145 Prostate Perineum, between sex and anus
146 Iliac crest Front border of iliac (bi)
147 Douglas bag On Sacrum
148 Hip Sides of hip (bi)
149 Femur head-neck Below sides of hip (bi)
150 Greater trochanter Below Femur head (bi)
151 Ischium Fold between gluteus and leg (bi)
152 Thoracic (vertebrae) 12 vertebrae, upper back
153 Lumbar (vertebrae) 5 vertebrae, lower back
154 Adrenal Zone Close to adrenal point
Legs see image
155 Minor trochanter Inside face of leg, close to genitals
156 Adductor Muscle on the inside face of the leg
157 Femoral (nerve) Front upper thigh
158 Quadriceps Muscle front thigh
159 Ball joint (kneecap) On the joint
160 Knee int. ligament Inner side of knee
161 Goose paw Below inner side of knee
162 Tibia (upper) Front of leg, below knee
163 Tibia (middle) Front of leg
164 Tibia (lower) Front of leg, near the ankle
165 Malleollum (medial) Inner side
166 Arch Middle of foot arch
167 Instep Upper side of foot
168 Big toe First toe
169 Ischium Fold between gluteus and leg (bi)
170 Ischia branch Back of the leg, near Ischium
171 Tensor fasciae latae External face of thigh
172 Sciatic nerve Long line going across back of leg
173 Popliteal hollow Hollow, back of knee
174 Calves Muscles in back of leg
175 Achilles tendon Tendon between leg and heel
176 Calcaneal bone Heel
Other: Female, Male, no specific see image
177 Nipple Man and woman (bi)
178 Breast (bi)
179 Ovary Sides of belly (front)
180 Fallopian tube Between Ovary and Uterus
181 Uterus Below Navel
182 Urethra or clitoris In front of Vagina (penis, man)
183 Vagina Between legs
184 Stump Any recent or old amputation, wound or scar.
185 Spot Any Spot
186 Wart Any Wart
187 Wound, contusion, etc. Any recent bruising, inflammation, wounds (sprain, tearing, etc.) causing pain.



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