Emotion code

The emotion code is a method for releasing trapped emotions developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. It is not properly part of medical biomagnetism, but by virtue of the importance we have found in the participation of emotional states in relation to diseases, as well as the effectiveness of this technique we present it as a valuable tool that the therapist can use; It also uses the holo-intelligent response as a means of diagnosis.

For more information on Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Release, his book The Emotion Code is available in PDF format for free, as well as the emotional unlocking card.

Protocol for releasing trapped emotions

- First check legs length:

  • Superconscious mind, please give me a yes (check the answer on the body: arm or legs) This step only if it has not been checked before in the biomagnetic testing.
  • Is there any trapped emotion that I can release in this session? If the answer is negative, ask how long the session can be done again for trapped emotions. If yes, proceed with the following steps.
  • Is the trapped emotion found in column A / B? (ask for each column specifically)
  • Is the trapped emotion in a even / non row? (ask in evens and nons specifically)
  • The trapped emotion is in row 1,3,4 ... the trapped emotion is in row 2,4 or 6 (ask for each row specifically)
  • Once identified in which block the emotion is found, ask one at a time in the list of emotions until identifying the trapped emotion.
  • Inquiry: You can ask if it is necessary to obtain more information about the trapped emotion. Sometimes it is necessary for the consultant to know more about emotion, as part of the healing process; and other times no further questions are required. Some sample questions:
    • At what age was this emotion trapped?
    • Is it related to any organ or disease?
    • Is it related to any person, family member, friend, etcetera?
    • Any other questions you consider important.
  • Once the emotion is identified, the emotion is released with the following method. It can be said mentally "supraconscious mind we will proceed to release the (trapped emotion). Taking the magnet (regardless of polarity) you start from the front of the consultant making a pass through the whole head, continuing through the neck and back, until you reach the waist. This can be repeated 3 to 5 times.
  • Check, you ask the supraconscious mind if the emotion has been released, if not, you can proceed with another 3 to 5 passes from the front to the lower back.

Once you have released an emotion you can proceed to ask if there is any other emotion that can be released at that time and continue the whole procedure from step # 2. You can even ask for the presence of inherited emotions or walls of the heart. These are more profound topics, so we recommend that they be studied directly in Dr. Bradley Nelson's book.

In one session you can release one or several number of trapped emotions or walls of the heart, as instructed by the superconscious mind. Before finishing you can ask when it will be more convenient to carry out the next session. Finally you can thank the supraconscious mind or the divine entity that you might think is necessary.



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