What is Bioenergetics

Mental testing.

In 1994, medical Biomagnetism made a quantum leap to put it in some way, since Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was able to mentally detect the phenomena of bioenergetic polarization. In other words, he was able to obtain the shortening of the patient's hemibody without the need to test with the negative magnet. It was enough to ask mentally about the different points to get a physical answer. This new phenomenon, in which mental effort, as Dr. Goiz called it, replaces the use of magnets for the detection of points goes beyond any scientific explanation. * This new modality of tracking and detection of points is what most late Dr. Goiz has called Bioenergetics.

"After having reviewed and treated with Medical Biomagnetism more than 20,000 patients for 6 years -1988-1993-, and having integrated a procedure and methodology that is used to date where points of the human body are energetically checked for distortions of pH that in turn identify the same number of common organic pathologies, I spontaneously began to distinguish, evoke and identify with my mind the biomagnetic pairs in patients treated with Medical Biomagnetism, in such a way that in early 1994, spontaneously and thanks To the generous influence of Dr. Angeles Bonilla, I began the practice of a new dignified / therapeutic connection that I immediately baptized as Medical Bioenergetics."1

At present, distance healing is already common depending on the bioenergetic pair with these criteria, the depolarization of the altered organs, was achieved since 1988, facing the bioenergetic loads by means of natural magnets greater than 1,000 Gauss.

Before continuing, it is also necessary to specify that Dr. Goiz achieved the detection of points and pairs by this method, however the impact (depolarization) of the pairs and the pH balance of the altered points, that is: the treatment, It is still done using medium intensity magnets, as long as the client is present. (see video about the use of magnets).

Holo-intelligent response.

In bioenergetics, the responses that the biomagnetist obtains is through the phenomenon of intelligent muscular response; that more properly we should call holo-intelligent answer. Since it not only refers to a physical response of some muscle groups, but the entire body of the consultant responds by means of a shortening of the right body, and we can even ensure that the response is given at the energy level. Surely, by having properly calibrated electronic devices we can measure the energy changes in the near future, which could contribute to consolidate the biomagnetic pair as a scientifically proven fact. The holo qualifier also refers to the holistic nature of the intelligence that we invoke in the treatment. Some have called him the subconscious, the intelligence of the body, and so on. However, since Dr. Goiz himself reports that this intelligence is capable of giving answers that go beyond the realm of body memory or personal matters, we can affirm that it is a consciousness that transcends the physical limitations of the individual. We could be talking about a superconscious, a superego, a quantum or even what we could call Universal consciousness. But since at the moment the definition of this type of transpersonal consciousness exceeds our abilities in this article, we limit ourselves to giving it the qualification of holistic consciousness.

In summary, we have a powerful and effective tool that is the holo-intelligent answer that allows us to communicate with this holistic body awareness and thus ask a whole series of questions. With the sole condition of clearly formulating the questions, and that we can be given an answer in terms of yes or no, affirmation or denial, positive or negative. That is to say that the answer is basically binary. In general terms (since it depends on how the question is asked) an affirmative answer will not alter the energy and muscle tone of the consultant, while a negative response will alter the energy field, in turn causing a shortening of the right hemibody and weakening of that body

Remote healing

In 1995, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was able to perform a complete distance treatment using the bioenergetic induction phenomenon between Mexico City and the Piano de Sorrento, Italy.

"In that same year (1994), at the end and thanks to the collaboration of Dr. María Elena Vélez and to induce the pathology and remote healing of a patient with chronic and acute headache who was in the City of Piano Sorrento, Italy and that I cured spontaneously when being treated and diagnosed by means of his brother who to date resides in Mexico and lent himself - at his request - for the remote treatment of Mexico to the beautiful Italy. Thus, that 1994 and the patient of the City of Piano, mark the formal beginning of what is now a reality and a new medical discipline; or as a Pediatric Medical Master says: a new healing scheme; or as I affirm - A new therapeutic diagnostic philosophy; Medical Bionergética."2


The incorporation of mental phenomena such as point testing and distance healing, is what we can call as a whole as Bioenergetics. Bioenergetics opens a new paradigm and new treatment possibilities. Since the diagnosis is not limited to the physical revision, by means of testing each of the spots with a magnet; but now all kinds of questions can be formulated directly to the holo-conscience. A series of questions can be asked depending on the condition of the consultant; but above all, based on the experience of the biomagnetist. With this powerful tool you can obtain information on a large number of aspects such as: emotional, hormonal disorders, food assimilation, sophrological issues, among many others. From this it follows the use of a wide range of protocols that the biomagnetist can use as he sees fit. In the new version 4.1 we present an advanced protocol resuming the main aspects that can be treated with bioenergetics.

A new paradigm

Dr. Goiz has tried to explain the phenomenon of distance healing based on the operation of cell phones. It proposes that the message can be transmitted by microwave from one brain to another and thus travel back and forth from the trafficker, to the consultant regardless of the distance between them. This model would hardly explain how the message can be transmitted between one continent and another across oceans where there is possibly no human being to continue the transmission. So we would have to know precisely what would be the scope of the brain as emitter and receiver of this type of signals? How could human brains be able to manage all possible messages that were in the air? And so we could continue with a series of technical issues difficult to solve.
On the other hand, quantum mechanics speaks of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which allows the communication of interlaced particles at a quantum level immediately regardless of the distance between them. Unlike electromagnetic waves that reduce their intensity inversely proportional to the square of the distance; Communication between interlaced subatomic particles transcends all spatio-temporal limitations, even traveling faster than the speed of light. Is it possible for human brains to communicate on a plane that we could call quantum? At least, quantum physics makes it clear that these kinds of phenomena exist, so it seems to take the explanation of bioenergetic phenomena using the new paradigm of quantum physics. In conclusion, Bioenergetics can hardly be explained by traditional physics models, since it somehow transcends space-time constraints. To understand mental phenomena such as the holo-intelligent response or distance healing, we would rather have to resort to the model of quantum mechanics or the holistic conceptions of ancestral worldviews such as traditional Chinese medicine or even astrology.3


* A similar phenomenon had been previously discovered by Dr. Goodheart who, since the year, had detected changes in the muscle strength of body members when asking questions.



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3. Some recommended books: The Tao of physics, The dance of the masters of Wu Li, among others.

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