Pendulum for pairs testing


The Argentine architect Ricardo Fudric has developed a new method por testing de biomagnetic pairs by the use of a pendulum, which has been very effective for him due to its speed, precision and comfort. He has also developed a series of tables that represent a valuable tool as they facilitate the scanning process even more.

Below we present the 7 tables that Ricardo Fuduric kindly has presented to anyone interested in his method now in English version


Table R: start with this table to identify which zone of the body to test

Table 1: head

Table 2: neck and arms

Table 3: torso

Table 4: back

Table 5: legs and various spots

Table 6: advanced protocol

Table 7: emotions

Table 8: Lists chart

Download pendulum tables*

Once downloaded, you may print them for better use. Architect Fruduric uses a set of printed tables for each consultant.

You can see the explanation for the use of the pendulum and the tables in our video Uso del péndulo en biomagnetismo.

We hope you find this material useful.


* To download the pendulum tables an internet connection is required and only one download can be made per user. The system will ask for your username and password.