Basic session guide


We present the main aspects that can be dealt with in a basic biomagnetism session. It is necessary to have completed the basic level of biomagnetism to be able to carry out a session effectively.
If you have taken the advanced course and have mastered bioenergetics, you can consult the Advanced session guide.

Before beginning, check if the person does not present any of the contraindications.


  • Apply some previous protocol, if necesarry.
    - Stabilizer bar, to balance the 3 body planes
    - Detox protocol (eliminate toxins)
    - Constellations
    - Bansal's (energy balance)
    - Zapper
    - Other
  • Test the list of reservoirs
  • Test basic protocol 173 spots When the person does not present serious or chronic conditions.
  • Test Zones protocol When the person presents serious or chronic conditions.
  • Test Dr. Goiz's psychoemotional pairs
  • - Check the pairs after 10 minutes, change polarity or apply double polarity if necessary.
  • - Check and remove the magnets.

We hope this material is useful to you.






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