What is the biomagnetic pair

Discovery of the biomagnetic pair

In October 1988 Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán discovered a phenomenon where two points of the patient's body are energetically altered favoring the proliferation of pathogens or some other types of organic dysfunction. This phenomenon was called the biomagnetic pair. Based on the conclusions of Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer, he was able to identify that two points in magnetic resonance are required to support the energy imbalance; Similarly, he found a way to detect the phenomenon by testing or tracing with a negative magnet, running through the patient's body.

The discovery of the biomagnetic pair in 1988 marked a totally new criterion within the same biomagnetism and of medicine in general, when verifying that the biomagnetic charges have vibrational and energetic resonance.

The first known biomagnetic pair was that of the human immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) that is generated in the thymus and rectum from the first hours the HIV-virus is installed, producing two simultaneous phenomena in the organisms: immunodeficiency and seropositivity. To date, more than 350 biomagnetic pairs have been discovered and fully identified, which in turn identify energy with various pathologies of human organisms.

Thus, based on the phenomenon known as Biomagnetic Pair, Dr. Goiz has developed a new type of treatment known as Medical Biomagnetism.

" ... Medical Biomagnetism studies, detects, classifies, measures and corrects the fundamental alterations of the pH (hydrogen potential) of living organisms and specifically of human organisms, a very different aspect, because even when in doubt, this is a new therapeutic medical discipline that, developed in all its fullness, will be the basis of the medicine of the future, ..." 1

Elements of the biomagnetic pair

The Biomagnetic Pair has three well-defined elements:

The normal energy level (NEN) where the pH is paractically neutral and where all the normal vital functions of the human organism are carried out.
The Positive Pole that is generated by excess H + (hydrogenation) where the pH is acidic and results in the presence of the virus and fungi.
The Negative pole that is generated by H + deficit and by the presence of complex free radicals with negative polarity where the pH is alkaline, resulting in the presence and development of bacteria and parasites.
The biomagnetic pair defines each of the known pathologies of the human body, due to its location in two well identifiable organs. To date, the measurement of biomagnetic poles is of a qualitative and indirect order, but it is the basis for the development of equipment that can directly and quantitatively measure the phenomena of organic polarization in the near future.

Testing and remote healing

In 1994, Therapeutical biomagnetism made a "quantum leap" since Dr. Goiz was able to mentally detect the phenomena of bioenergetic polarization. That is to say, he was able to obtain the shortening of the patient's hemibody without the need to do the testing with the negative magnet. It was enough to ask "mentally" about the different points to get a physical answer.

In 1995, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was able to perform a complete distance treatment using the bioenergetic induction phenomenon between Mexico City and Piano de Sorrento, Italy. This new modality of treatment through "mental effort" by the biomagnetist is what Dr. Goiz called Bioenergetics.

Healing mechanism

Theoretically, the charges of the biomagnetic pair have the same intensity, the same number of elementary particles and the same bioenergetic frequency in such a way that when faced against each other by the effect of magnetic induction their respective potentials are nullified, and at that time the viruses lose its genetic information and bacteria its pathogenic capacity. This phenomenon allows us to identify the syndromes in their etiological components whether bacterial, fungal, parasitic, dysfunctional, toxic; and mostly cure them.

Side effects:

In 1997 Dr. Goiz discovered that geographical location also has an influence on human pathology, as well as the bioenergetic healing process. To date, approximately 60,000 patients have been studied, diagnosed and treated with this procedure for twelve years, reaching very important conclusions.

Therapeutical biomagnetism, being a procedure of physical and natural order as well as external, does not produce yatrogeny or undesirable side effects. It is well known that higher organisms can be asymptomatic carriers of pathogenic microorganisms, apparently in the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive systems. In fact they do it in biomagnetic pairs and therefore, medical Biomagnetism is also a preventive health procedure. Upon timely detection of the pathology, even before its clinical manifestation. All pathogenic phenomena are supported by physio-energy alterations that from the scientific point of view we can understand as fundamental pH distortions. The system developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán from 1988 allows to restore the energy balance and thus facilitate the natural healing mechanisms inherent to the body.

* The number of peers they meet is constantly increasing, not only those discovered by Dr. Goiz, but many others discovered by other biomagnetists are added to the list; so that to date there are lists that list more than 1000 pairs.


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