Introducing the new Tutorial section. which has been specially designed for those people who want to know the basics of Biomagnetism. Through a series of articles, videos and graphics you will learn the principles of Medical Biomagnetism, developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán based on the discovery of the Biomagnetic Pair.

The articles and videos are presented for information purposes and as an introduction to the Therapeutic Biomagnetism. It is recommended to attend to the certified courses or seminars in order to have a better understanding of the system. You will find information about upcoming courses in our Events section.

Introductory articles


The following videos explain the main themes related to the therapeutical biomagnetism practice. Most of them are in Spanish (internet connection requiered)

Once you have studied the basic themes you may want to see the following videos:


We present the description and location of the main test spots used in biomagnetism


1 In fact Dr. Goiz has discovered between 300 and 400 pairs; the most frecuently used are presented in this Guide as Basic pairs. There are several other pairs that have been discovered by other therapist around the world. In the extended list also the inverted pairs are shown.

2. The hemibody shortening is generaly known as Intelligent muscle response, the phenomenom is not exclusive of the Therapeutic biomagnetism, it is also used in Kinesiology, Radiestesy, etcetera. The phenomenom occurs in the physic and energetic bodies, as far as we know it comes from an instance that we may call supracounciousness.

3. The depolarization time of the biomagnetic pair varies according to various factors such as the age and energy status of the consultant, it is also important to note that the geographic location influences the treatment time: Near the equator, time is shortened to about 3 minutes. As it goes to latitudes north or south of the equator, time lengthens reaching more than 20 minutes in Europe or Canada.

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