Type: Multiple causes


They usually present with alteration of the consciousness and involuntary movements (spasms). Seizures are due to abnormal activity of the nervous system. They can have multiple causes, the most common are:

  • - Epilepsy
  • - Brain tumor
  • - Aneurysm
  • - Cranial trauma
  • - Failure in the blood supply to the brain
  • - Infection and high fever
  • - Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • - Dehydration or electrolyte imbalance
  • - Unknown factors

Related Pairs:

achilles - achilles: shigella

cerebellum - cerebellum: Chapingo

neck - neck: Blastocistis hominis

esophagus - esophagus: Fasciolopsis burski

cervical - deltoid (supraspinatus): Balantidum typhus.

Crises usually last less than 5 minutes. You should prevent the person from getting hurt. Avoid putting objects in the mouth. Once it is over, let the person rest for as long as necessary.

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