Type: Virus


urethra - urethra

goose paw - goose paw

temporal - ray bulb

nose - esophagus*

larynx - sacrum

desc. colon - nipple (left)

quadriceps (left). - nipple (left)

ankle - ankle


Associated pairs**

larynx - larynx

suclavian - subclavian

countercecum - countercecum

lung - lung

supraspinatus - supraspinatus

popliteal - popliteal

larynx/ray bulb - pectorals


* Polarity can change depending on the virus strain, it can be traced as SARS-Cov-2. Pair discovered by Mexican researcher Juan Enrique Hernández Sahagún.
** The list of associated pairs only shows the most common ones, it is recommended to carry out the full scan.


It is confused with kidney failure. Symptoms: urethritis, urethral bleeding, cystitis and high fever. Very long menstruations. Do not confuse it with Ovary - Fallopian tube. This virus excites the proliferation of fungi. Check for fungus pairs.


Indications for infected people: Stay home, rest, drink plenty of fluids, change toothbrush and rake. If possible, trace family and close people.

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