Type: Special


rectum - anus *

gastrocnemus - gastrocnemus


* Pair called: Juan Ramón.


It is the change in stools (feces) that become more constant and fluid (watery). It is a symptom of a severe alteration in the digestive system, commonly due to infections.
The hydration of the patient must be taken care of, especially in minors.

Some of the pairs related to this symptom are : ShigellaStaphylococcus A (-)BotulismGiardiasisCholeraBordetella pertusisBorreliaRotavirusBlastocistis hominnisClostridium PerfringensFood IntoxicationYersinia IAmebaE. ColiOncocherca V., EnterovirusToxoidsChacoMorganella TyphusF. Mycelium intestinalisOrf virusStreptococcus C., RCV-40 virusDiphtheria bacillusHIV-AidsSalmonellaNorwalkLeishmaniaCampylobacter Jejuni, among others.

Chrónic diarrhea :

Chronic diarrhea is more common in children, may be due to immaturity of the digestive system. You should consult a specialist to recommend a special diet.

Try the rectum-anus pair.

It can also be useful in adults or older adults where other alterations may be involved, such as the nervous system or autoimmune diseases

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