Klepsiella Pneumoniae

Type: Bacterium

ascending colon - liver

ascending colon - kidney (R)

cecum - kidney (R)

lacrimal - lacrimal

middle finger - middle finger

sup. maxilla - sup. maxilla

porta - porta



Hepatitis E. Main manifestation: Gastritis. Second manifestation: Chronic fatigue. It causes lung or head problems. In pregnant women it causes Gestational Diabetes (after week 20).

Sometimes it is found in the lacrimal; in that case it produces symptoms such as: Rhinitis or Laryngitis. It produces nasal bleeding (epistaxis), Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Chronic Cough.

It represents one of the main pathogens for humans causing pneumonia, urinary tract infections, ankylosing spondinitis (a type of arthritis caused by the autoimmune system), sepsis.


The infection is common in hospitals, caused by the invasive methods used. The highest risk groups are neonates, diabetics, alcoholics, patients with COPD and patients in intensive care. It is very resistant to antibiotics.

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