Autoimmune diseases

Type: Complex diseases


Autoimmune diseases are those in which the same immune system attacks the healthy cells of the body. There are more than 80 different types of autoimmune diseases and the symptoms can vary depending on the tissues, systems and organs that are affected, which also makes diagnosis difficult. The general symptoms can be inflammation, weakening, fever.


Alternative treatments:

Since we talk about several diseases, the treatment is different according to the symptoms; however, they all have inflammation, weakening and alteration of certain tissues in common. In general, allopathy resorts to anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids and immunosuppressants in their treatments. All of them should be minimized or avoided because of their side effects.

On the other hand, naturopathic medicine recommends a natural diet, avoiding processed foods, saturated or trans fats, avoiding sugar and salt can be of great help. Instead eat more of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, natural and whole foods. With natural nutrition, the immune system is strengthened in a natural way, as well as minimizing the intake of harmful substances, possible triggers of the disease.

It has been shown that omegas 3 and 9 oils (type 6 is found abundantly in cooking oil) are of great help to minimize oxidative stress and inflammation, helping the cells to harmonize their functions, thus avoiding chronic inflammation . The depurative methods can also be of great help, depurative diets, jugotherapy or the use of enema (intestinal lavage).

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