Type: Virus


pineal - ray bulb

heel - heel

sole - sole *

pineal - instep (+ heel) *


* Reservoirs


RNA virus. Polyradiopianeuropathy*, fatigue, low libido, neuritis**. Ascending paralysis and weakness of limbs and respiratory muscles. Dizziness, muscle fatigue, dry mouth, erectile dysfunction, pasty skin. Very contagious Paralysis of the three respiratory centers: Pneumotactic, inspiratory and expiratory.

Polyradiopianeuropathy* is a condition that occurs in 90% of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, so they are almost synonymous. It is characterized by inflammation of the nervous system, it has also been studied that there are affectations of myelin that may have been caused by the same immune system (macrophages), so there is an autoimmune component in this disease.

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